I'm using Sky Background Texture for UPBGE but, a seam splits it in half

It doesn’t make sense or is it a glitch?
My OCD is bugging me about it.
Feedback would be cool

Nevermind! It was the lod bias! Now everyone else knows too xDD

in your case you fixed it with the bias, it could also be that the unwrap is not 100% on the bounds so in/de-creasing it should also fix it

It seems another issue has risen. The sky is too bright and I can’t adjust it.

just lower the diffuse intensity on the material

It’s just a texture without a material. It would be nice if propped tutorials existed with the many out-dated methods and the way I did it being possible too. Do I actually need a primitive to apply the background properly?

You could try playing around with influence values.

But if you want a higher degree of control then you need a material, which in turn means you need a dome to slap it on, and then to do domes properly you need a backgroud layer.

In all honesty, background layer is the superior way: you can have multiple objects in addition to the dome and set them up with additional game logic. This allows you to create a more compelling atmosphere that you’d never get with a still image, no matter how pretty.

Takeaway: do things the simplest way possible, get only the most basic of options.

This helped but, only after I solved the problem on my own and messed it up. It works now.
It’s really unstable and a pain in the ass.