I'm watching you!

First project I’ve finished in a LONG time.
Wallpaper-sized too. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Nice! Only crit would be lighting, maybe a tad too dark, but overall, very interesting.
Good job.

Nice idea but you should work on eyes, they are not realistic at all.

You mean aside from the fact that it’s a wall with eyes? I don’t think that’s called realism so much as its called surrealism. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job on the concept. While lighting seems to be everyone’s pet peeve on the forum, I think that on the whole the lighting contributes to stark, bleak look of the picture. I kinda like it.

BlackBoe: Yeah surrealism was more the target than realism. I imagine it’ll get a lot more crits on the lighting and textures. Actually, I rendered it several times with different lighting and textures. I may post some of them later. This is the version that I’m currently the happiest with and that’s why I posted it to Finished Projects. But… hmmm… there could be more image posts coming. We’ll see :wink:

just a thought, you could try with indigo or blender AO…

I’ve obviously been out of the loop for longer than I thought: What’s this Indigo thing that everyone keeps talking about?

Its an unbiased photoreal renderer I believe. I dont use it personally, but It can acheive some great effects, adds a lot of realisticity.

I recommend it!

I’ve used it, and it’s great if you have 20 hours to burn. :stuck_out_tongue:

20 hours? yeah I looked up their website at lunch.
…20 hours!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

…I barely have the patience for the ~6 minutes it took to render this in Blender. And since I don’t have any other computers to sacrifice as render stations, i don’t think it’s gonna happen.

20 hrs? dude what computer are you using? You can get something decent in 2. c’mon 20? are you using version 6? its ten times faster! ya know Jacco’s car? that was 2 hrs with indigo.

It all depends on the scene, some take longer than others. If I’m testing even a simple scene I tend to just let it render overnight.

[Edit] The render in —>this<— thread took over 20 hours in indigo 0.6, and there’s still some noticeable noise. In contrast, —>this<— guy only took about 12 hours overnight and there is absolutely no visible noise.

Sorry if my comment was a bit off, it was not about realism of the picture but of the eyeball. Picture is great but eyes don’t have any depth. I was not saying that there should be only two eyes to make it realistic.
Great picture anyway, Gr8RedShark

Ok, here’s a couple of other versions. The first one is the most recent. I tried to give the eye whites a little more “depth” and texture. I also added a tear. :wink:
The other versions show some other lighting and texture experiments. I think now the one with the tear is my favourite.