Inspire me please

Imagination is a key to creating great artwork. The worst part of it is when you have none. If you can’t go outside because of the rain, snow, sleet, or hail; what will you do without imagination and creativity?

Here you go. Glad to help.

Google pinterest followed by something you like.

example pinterest mechs =

I use this method allot,everything is nicely categorized.

This request did not inspire me enough to make me want to provide any inspiration. Please inspire me so I can inspire you.

Did I mention that I lack inspiration to inspire you to inspire me?

Just revised the ____.

Go to BlendSwap requests:

Get inspiration and get paid at the same time.

Great! What about suggestions for scenes to make?

Look through some of the Sketchbooks, Finished Projects, and Forum Gallery. Find something that interests you, and make it. I don’t mean copy what someone else has done (though that can be a starting point for some), but let what you see inspire your own image.

I think that is an option, but the gallery doesn’t have a wide range of topics to choose from, although for a quick scene it could be nice

Just thought I can use google and type in “graphics” to see cool things, but sometimes I need something original

Well, dancreator, perhaps you should write an ironic blog.