iMac G5 Model, scooter, cars, more

A Blender model of the iMac G5 has been added to the Model Gallery.

It is based on photos and dimensions from the manufacturer so it should be pretty accurate. I did not model the back I/O ports. The scale is accurate 1 Blender Unit = 12 inches.

There are also other new models, including wine bottles, a scooter, and 2 concept coupes.

good stuff there bro.


Thanks, although I suspect that you mean everything else but the Macs :wink:

(EDIT) To explain:

Thanks Alltaken :wink: My comment was because you are often a “anti-Mac” dude. That’s cool with me, I didn’t design, engineer, or construct the computers so I never take offense if someone doesn’t like them.

Because of your posting background, I thought maybe you were commenting on how everything else was cool, so I gave you a loophole for the Mac models :wink:

That’s a nice collection of models presented on a clean website - I like it.


to be honest Macs are gorgeous computers, i just dislike MacOSX for a few reasons (most of them are probably due to the university network setup)

but again to be even more honest i don’t dislike OSX, i think its pretty equal to WinXP and Linux, but they each have different strengths, and everyone judges with different criteria.

only the price tag pisses me off, i got a 2x better PC for 1/2 the price of a mac. for some reason the mac importers here jack up the prices compared to the US prices.


Thank you :slight_smile:

akator: Yep, thanks. I will take a look at your 3 lights illumination when I have a chance (I know it’s basic set-up, but I never really bothered).