Imac G5 Model


Wow. first post here.
well howdy.

im fairly new to blender. only been on it a week, and jsut been fiddling round to see what i could come up with. i decided to model the computer im at.

i still haven’t quite got the hang of the textures yet, but i got the UV mapping and the shape of it to work.

Comments and ideas welcome : )



Good job.
One issue, though (please realize that I’m shooting in the dark here): the screen texture seems a little blurry. Perhaps you could go with a different antialiasing filter? Or, what resolution is the texture? That could maybe be it, too.

Looks like a really good model. Textures look pretty good to me as well, and you’re doing really well for that if you’ve only been using blender for a week. My main crit is basically the lighting, which I’ve always found very difficult to get right. But at the moment, it’s way to bright, so either turn down the energy on the lamps, or place them further back.

Great computer by the way. What I use as well. :slight_smile:
Keep it up!


um… i think the image resolution is good. i took a screen shot though so it’s only as good as big as it is in real life. so when i zoom it goes blurry eep

and also, cuby, i know what you mean about lighting! ahh…

i’m not very good at rendering so i don’t quite get much about it but im working on it!