iMac question Current Blender / SmallLucGPU ...

Hey guys

anybody has a current iMac? I am thinking about buying a new iMac
and I am currently not sure if the new architecture has the same ATI
driver issues than the past iMacs.

My intention is to use the iMac with Blender 2.5 and LuxGPU
Sadly Octane render does require an NVIDEA which does not work
with iMacs and their ATI Radeon HD 4850 card.

i use now an iMac and LOVE it. Word on the street is that Apple has lots of issues with the latest models but I was lucky and got a very good machine.
As far as using Blender 2.5x goes, there are no problems and all the menus display like they do on the Linux machine.
3 years ago I bought an HP Media Center, upgraded it with a better power supply and an Nvidia GT7600 (instead of some internal on-board-chip) and a slim super fast version of XP (with all the junk removed). The AMD X2 5000+ with 3 GIG of RAM renders the blender benchmark scene around 1:20 seconds. Under Linux the render time was around one minute to 1:25 depending on the distro.

The new iMac renders the blender benchmark in only 11 seconds (with blender 2.50) and comes with 4 GIG of RAM out of the box. Rumor has it that Apple “downgraded” the performance of the ATI card because of excessive heat issues but I can load huge blender scenes and have to troubles rotating the stage without delay.
The 27 inch screen is very nice to work with.

If you are going to get one, do yourself a favor and buy the extended warranty plan!
Also, you can buy from Apple direct via your college … I did and got a nice little discount and the warranty was cheaper too.

The Apple forums are buzzin with all kinds of love/hate stories so it pays to read up a little more.
For what it’s worth, I am happy to say that this is the best computer I have ever owned! Even gave it a little spot on my new home page :slight_smile:

Hey onemanblend, i m thinking in buying an iMac too could you tell me the specs of yours???

the new imacs are awesome but wait
a new design is comming out shortly with new chips.


uhmmm, thing is that my budget is in the limit with the current most basic iMac . New ones will be much more expensive.
I m also thinking in trying to reach the other iMac that comes with the Ati Radeon HD instead of the Nvidia GForce 9400M but it is already too expensive for someone living in Argentina.
Do you think that the basic iMac will be enough for Motion Graphics and 3D modeling and animation or should i make the effort to get the one with the ATI Radeon?
Anyways i ll follow your advice cekuhnen, i ll wait a bit more because if new models comes out the price of the current iMacs will drop.
In this situation, do you think it is worth to buy an iMac or is it better to get a PC intel i5 with good stuff inside?

Yes just wait if you can. Maybe then the currently line will be cheaper.
Also did you look into the refurbished market?

What you can handle depends on what you need. The iMacs are pretty
good deals by right now.

Of course they are not top of the line hardware, but the question is if
you need the highest power available.

I own a iMac w/ 3.06ghz core2duo and a nvidia 8800gts.

Man I’m switching back to a desktop/linux setup again. I had the harddrive collapse totally on me and since it’s inside/behind the monitor, you have to leave it to a apple certificated dealer to fix it.

(wish it was like my macbook, just slide it out and replace, since that HD died on me also but I swapped it myself w/ a offshelf hd that has lasted way longer)

I shouldn’t recommend iMac’s for any heavy 3d/compositing work.

But they are nice desktops.

Instead of a mac, my next setup will be a computer w/o chassi built into a IKEA cabin or shelf with doors, where I modify so I can get a airflow through it.

then a eizo monitor, or two. I’ve seen some on the auctions actually going for 1/5th of their retail price.

and then 20m HDMI cable extender and also USB extension cords, and place the computer so far away from where I work as I possible can :slight_smile:

This is in deed an issue, but I can count more accidents with PC hardware than Apple’s.

But chances this happens are low.

Thank you guys. As i see it, mac has a clear advantage in performance and durability and process optimizaton. In the other hand pc is much more easy to expand and has much more compatibility with standard users and softwares. For what i can see, if i get a mac i ll have to face tons of headaches on this topics so i m about to decide to buy a good pc (i5 4GB expandable RAM) with a good monitor. At least i m used to the headaches that a pc can give me.
What do you think?

Well I use Mac’s since years and never had any issue in contrast to my PC hardware and Win XP.

But I bet that you will not really expand you PC once you bought it anyway.
Today it is more economical to just sell the old hardware and get new one since the technology
develops so fast now.

Not really. ESPECIALLY for 3D Mac doesn not have an advantage. It is well known that the OpenGL performance of a Mac is very bad compared to Windows OpenGL performance.

If you want to have good performance you need to buy a Mac Pro. Every other hardware below isn’t worth the price, since you get twice the performance for the money with a PC.

@cekhune. hi! here in latam, and in 3rd world in general, electronics are not so cheap as in central countries. At least we have free education and health services, but we can´t get to top tech as easy as you can, and we don´t rule out it so quickly. Anyway, if i where in the states i would buy a mac, and a pc, that´s for sure :wink:

@accesoire thanx for pointing that out. That´s another star for pc. Do you have any recommendation to get a powerful and stable pc for 3D and motion graphics ???

I was thinking about NVIDIA Quadro Fx 580. Has anybody tested it?