(Kappa) #1

Theres some missing elements to the model itself. But thought i would post it for some comments:

Oh yeah… GO LEAFS GO… LEAFS IN 7… I Still believe

(denzombie) #2

Looks good, what about an image on the screen?

Also the Apple images have the reflection fade out. FYI.

Keep up the good work.

(DreamMaster) #3

I thought I saw that same image a bit awhile ago, but maybe I am wrong. Oh well, excellent modeling and texturing. You need to add a keyboard or something to make it more interesting and put a image on the screen too! :slight_smile:

(Kappa) #4

didn’t know if anyone had done this model before… Anyway… i do have one question in the side view there is a definite line that shows where the spin began and ended when the base was first modeled… is there a way to get rid of that. (maybe this should be posted in the Q&A)…

(blengine) #5

really good… to get rid of the line, in edit mdoe, select all verts, press W, and select remove doubles =) yay
set smooth the sides too maybe?
other than that, excellent!

(Kappa) #6

Updated my Imac pic… new html: check it out… .still adding ish… a mouse, etc… Holla back wit some opinions. Peace: