image as plane with video (PNGs) in background not rendering properly.

I’m trying to learn how to combine a scene with a video background. For this test, I have a child (image as plane) flying around in front of a city skyline (series of PNGs). Everything appears fine/correct when viewed in the UV Editor. But when I attempt to render the sequence to either a new set of PNGs, orSuperSeli2.blend (659 KB) to a Quicktime movie, the child (image as plane) does not appear. Could someone please look at my file, and see what setting I’m missing. Thanks very much in advance.

The texture is set to single image instead of image sequence.

Under the Render context open up the Shading rollout. You have turned Textures off. That is why your texture is not rendering. Turn it back on.

Thank you, JA12 and Atom!
Turned on Textures in Shading Section, and it rendered perfectly!
Thanks again for your generosity, and help.