Image Attachments Enabled

Goofster has now enabled the Attachments for the GameEngine forum.


sweet, i was wondering why it was disabled

umm… finally?!! :eek: :eyebrowlift2:

now all we need is our thread rating tools back = )

Fligh: Thank you very much. It is truly appreciated.

:eek: How embarrassing…I didn’t even notice they were missing. Yes, we do indeed need those back. Why were they disabled?

because everyone hates the Game Engine section.

Seriously though i don’t know.

Don’t be like that, there’s no-one that hates the game engine section. Those who don’t use the GE don’t even come here.

When Elysiun changed to BA Timothy set only the Art section with attachment capability. Then when somebody (I think it was Mike_S) wanted to answer a question with images he ASKED and attachments were enabled in the support section. I don’t know why the GE forum was put in the General section, but that’s the reason why it didn’t get it when all the others did.

I mentioned the thread ratings but I’ll be honest and tell you I also said I’m not sure how useful or necessary they could be in a support forum. I understand how useful they are in the art section, but here? Anyhow, if you guys feel you need it it’s up to you to ask (in the Website forum). If it were up to me I’d add a Game Art forum to the Art section and enable thread ratings there. As junior mod I can’t do much more than petition on your behalf in the Admin forum and I can only do that if I think it’s reasonable. If there are enough people who are really serious about it you should probably think more along the lines of asking for the two redundant forums at the bottom of the forums page (blender artists and foundation I think they are) then you could have a BGE Essentials (where all the tuts and stickies could live), BGE Support (like here) and BGE Art. You guys thrash it out and I’ll see what I can do.


Heh, it was only a joke (Sorry if it didn’t sound that way, should have put a few smileys in there :))

well i dont think the BGE art would be that important as you could show your models in the all-ready existing wips & focused critz. forum section but the other ones… well guess people must start talking about getting those in there then. :slight_smile:

Watch the GE forum for a while and you’ll see that it’s far more than a support forum. This is where people post their games and game demos as well. This forum is a catchall for all GE-related stuff, including support, games, demos, tutorials, resources, etc. People occasionally post games to forums like Finished Projects, but this is not really a good idea because 1. The people who are only interested in games don’t see them, and 2. The people who do see them largely are not interested in games. Unless the game engine is given several forums, this forum will remain a catchall. There have been multiple threads regarding extra game engine forums, you might be able to find some by searching. But I’d recommend:
-Beginner questions
-Works in progress
-Finished games and demos

Plantperson is right, there have been numereous threads discussing wether we need extra BGE forums. however I find we only need:

  • A support section
  • A Wip section
  • And a finished projects forumSincerely,


this seems to be yet another one :evilgrin:
(just pointing out the obvious)

If you tossed the word out there to the Administrators that we need new forums for the GE, you would become my favorite moderator of all time. I’ve yet to see anyone this concerned about our needs, and the need for new forums have been apparent for quite a while now. Thanks a million!

Just add a couple Subforums for the GE it’d be awesome =]

As has been mentioned, the GE forum is not a “support forum”. A large number of support related threads do come through here, but this board also handles GE Tutorials, GE WIP threads, GE Finished Projects, and a GE Screenshot Gallery to name a few. We had just begun using thread rating tools a few months ago to help new comers find examples of excellent GE projects and good documentation. This thread, for example, had a rating of five stars, as did this one (which was featured on Blender Nation).

As for the multiple boards concern, I think that people don’t realize what they are asking for. is split into multiple boards, but for some reason this board is still the main hub for the BGE community. I personally like to be able to see a list of everything that is being discussed and pick what I want to read instead of having to search through multiple boards to make sure I didn’t miss anything useful. If the GE Forum was split into multiple boards, I would want some kind of “master board” where I could see all posts from the GE boards on one screen. (I’m not sure whether that’s even possible with vBulletin or not.) Anyway, that’s my two cents.