Image Auto Layout Question

Hi All, I apologize for the lengthy write up here.

I had a question regarding the Image Auto Layout script. The script does exactly what I want, which is to select meshes and consolidate their textures into one texture ‘atlas’ and modify the UV’s accordingly.

My question is, is there a way to modify the script so the resulting textures are not scaled/resized to the full width/height of the target image?

For example, if I set an image size of 2048 in the script, and the textures being consolidated into it are sized 1024 and 512. The resulting image from the script will have them stretched to the full height or width of the set image size (assuming I selected to keep aspect ratio in the script).

I have looked through the script code, and I don’t see any code explicitly resizing the images, so I assume it’s just the default Blender behavior for Texture Images to fill the texture space up. Is there a way to keep the images 1:1 with their original size, inside the new image?