Image background resolution

Hello, I’m new here, i’m starting to using blender, but I have a problem using background image, seems that the resolution after rendering is lower then original, see my example below: Image 1 was made with gimp and added in blender background, Image 2 is the result of rendering, the cube is ok but the triangle behind is bad.

Can somebody help me? Thanks a lot.



I used your pic as my backbuf, turned on backbuf in the Scene Output panel. Clicked PAL as the resolution, 100% size, and it renders fine on my PC. Then Saved Image. So, it looks like you’re getting some aliasing, and you’ve got a funny little triangle pattern on the top of the cube…(?)…and the sides of the cube look like crap (aliasing again). That would be as a result of many things. So, …

  1. Turn on OSA 8 to jiggle the image 8 times to remove the aliasing. I turned mine off and got a render of the cube sides very similar to yours. The triangle looked bad, but not as bad as yours.

  2. match resolution of the backbuf to the image out, or the backbuf image will be stretched.

  3. be sure you’re using the right version of the backbuf image, and not some other file. It’s easy to get filenames mixed up.

Thanks for you reply,

I try using backbuf like you explained me, and the result is good, but unfortunately I have to use a movie for the background and seems that I cannot use movie for backbuf, anyway is strange that the result of rendering is not god, I can use OSA and the result is a bit better but the broblem is not solvet. There is another reason or some my mistake?
I put the image or movie in the world tap, map to Hori.