Image background

i hope some one will creat an add to use it to get an image background like the one in 2.79

Background Image- Blender (1.7 KB)
Note: the background image needs to be in a collection to be detected.

Photo of the add-on:

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thank you my freind

For us 2.8ers, what’re the differences?

The idea is that 2.7 used background images at the level of the OpenGL viewport rendering. Which means that it feels a little bit “higher level”, more like controlling layers as in Photoshop rather than 3D scene objects.

Now in 2.8 working with background images is like trying to edit properties of real 3D objects and it means that all of these settings are scattered in the outliner panel (control visibility), object properties panel (control visibility / selecting to make it active), placing it in front or on back (3D transformation).

Which the real meaning is… Working with background images in 2.8 is clunky and troublesome. Working with background images in 2.7 feels like a breeze.