Image Based Lighting

(sp) #1

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what happened to all the files on A lot of great info was there including a script for image based lighting for Blender. Thanks in advance.


(S68) #2

Search for ‘eeshlo’ as an user.

Go to his web site.

IBL is there


(sp) #3

Well I have found the site and tried to d/load the script and his window blend file and both show in the 3 second d/load window as being "nonono.gif " This is really bumming me out. I just got Maya 4 and my export script to vlight isnt working rite so HDRI for my scene I’m working on isnt looking to promising. :slight_smile:

(sp) #4

Well apparently if getright loads when you d/load things… it’s not always right. Because I’m noticing after deactivating it and re-trying stormpages IBL script everythings way cool. So just incase I wasnt the last to find this out…