Image Comparison Slider

Image Comparison Slider

Image Comparison Slider is a popular tool for quickly and easily comparing two images. With the “Image Compare Slider” add-on you can get the same functional in Blender.

Add-on functionality

To enable sliding of two images in Blender – in the Image Editor area, select the first image in the area header in the usual way. Select the second image in the “ICS” add-on panel. Click the “Compare Images” button to activate the sliding of the two selected images.

Drag the boundary by holding and moving the mouse cursor.

To exit the sliding mode click the right mouse button or pressing the “Esc” key.

In addition to simple images, the add-on allows you to compare the “Render Result” and the output from the compositing “Viewer Node”.

Open the Compositor area and add a “Viewer” node (shift + a – Output – Viewer). Connect it to the node tree at the required place. To make it recalculate faster, activate the “Backdrop” checkbox in the Compositor area header.

In the Image Editor area, in the header select the render result – “Render Resutl”, and in the add-on panel select the “Viewer Node”. Click the “Compare Images” button to activate the slider.

When changing the compositor nodes, simply click the “Compare Images” button again to update the slider according to the compositor changes.

Add-on web page

For more information please visit

Demonstration video

Current add-on version:


Blender versions:

2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3


Updated to v.1.2.0.

  • Added Image Comparison Slider to the 3D Viewport area
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Thank you @Korchy for this update which now allows the user to quickly compare any reference image or render to the 3D model displayed in the viewport. Very convenient. :+1:



Just a tip for users who would want to fine-adjust the canvas rotation of the viewport (to make the 3D model position match your reference image), these add-ons can help you:

Note about Rotate canvas : you don’t need to install anything. Just enable Grease Pencil Tools addon, it’s already in Blender default.
It has rotate canvas included, as well as timeline scrub and other bonus features.
(Thx for the mention @xan2622 )

Image Comparison Slider looks really nice !