Image Crop node and exporting movie file


The Crop node in the Compositor does a fine job of cropping the inputted composited images to a new output size, but as I can see it, this can only then be exported via File Output node as separate frames, but what I want is to File Output it as a single movie file.

So I set the Crop node to effect the Composite node (seeing as the Composite node CAN export as movie file under main Properties/Render/Output), but all this does is crop the image but keep the excess as a black border.

Of course, I can change the Scene’s main output area, but I want to keep the crop only as a post processing step (which is what the Crop node does do, it just doesnt export as a move).


I’m pretty sure there’s not a way to do that since the final size is coming from the ‘composite’ node which gets its information from the Scenes main output panel. I would convert if after it is rendered with either MPeg Streamclip or Apple’s Compressor.

Can you have a separate scene with the appropriate resolution to match the crop?

Thanks guys,

Yes, 3pointEdit, that would work, just a little inelegant. If there was a simple way to do it all in one hit, that would have been nice but it seems there is not - no probs, will just do it one your ways.