Image dimension limits?

Just a quick one - are image sizes limited?

I rendered a WIP image at 5760x3840, then saved it as a jpeg (<5mb size). Whenever I try to upload the image here however, it’s automatically resized to 1920x1280. Even if I “open image in new tab” it’ll stay this size, whereas before you could zoom to 100%.

Is the largest image size allowed?

The info is a bit hidden… i thought FAQ or Guidelines but can’t find it now… (i’m also trying to make small images mostly using jpg with lower quality instead of png… latest was a 28KB jpg and not 520K png, nobody is thinking about resources nowadays… and the price). You may ask the admins if this has to be this big?

I checked the settings and you should be able to upload these images (your image is 22 megapixels). Can you share some links to where this happened?

Hi @bartv just saw this.

Weird. Well, it’s happened in this thread.

For example, image “0001(18)” is 5760x3480 on my pc, but it uploaded as 1920x1280. If I open the image as a new tab, the image is still 1920x1280. Likewise, image “0001(20).jpg” is also 5760x3480 on my PC, and is around 4.9mb in size.

It used to be that the thread would show a smaller version of the image, but if I opened it in a new tab, it would show the correct (larger) size. However now it seems to show the 1920x1280 image. If I download the image from BA again, it will be 1920x1280.

Could it be a browser issue rather than a BA issue? Although I’m a bit confused as to how I can select a 5760x3480 image at the upload stage, yet have it not “carry over”. It’s like it’s being automatically resized during upload.

Ah I think I found the issue; could you try again please?

Hi Bart,

I tried again and this time it worked correctly (small preview in thread, and open in new tab shows full size image). See here.

Not sure what you did but it seems to be working :slight_smile:

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