Image disappears in UV Editor

Hi guys
I’ve really come to enjoy Texture painting. There is one thing I don’t get though.
Sometimes, no matter how often you select an image the Image editor stays blank. Normally this happens in Editmode, I change to object mode and select a picture it appears and when I change back to edit it’s gone and I can’t select any image. I haven’t found any system yet.

For everybody who doesn’t want to read my life’s story:
Image disappears in UV Editor when I enter editmode and I can’t select any image after that.

I think I found part of it, maybe I can only assign an image to a uv map, if it is part of the Texture stack. Not sure though, so any hints still appreciated.

And now that I have assigned the “head” of my spider to a ref image, no matter what I do, the rest of the body, which I wanted to apply afterwards stays white, even though I can see the uvs of all parts on my image…
I don’t get it.

Unless you pin the image, the image that is displayed in edit mode is the one associated with the active face (in the active UV layer, if you have more than one). Selecting an image from the popup menu does not (directly) change the displayed image, but assigns the selected image to any currently selected faces. If one of those faces is the active one, the displayed image will change to match, but not otherwise.

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Does your mesh turn purple in the viewport?

It only turns purple if there is no texture assigned to the active UV layout at all. Half my mesh stayed white.

@MCcollett: Even if I pinned it, only the faces I selected first. I hid some of them in the mesh, because I used project from view and they really got in the way, after that I could not assign the rest of the faces to the same image. I saw them in the Editor, but my mesh stayed white. I had to unwrap the whole thing again. If I get you correctly I have to have all the faces selected and then change the image from the dropdown?

Yes, that should set the image that appears on all the faces.

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