Image editing app of choice.

Been awhile since I ran through these forums.
I’m interested in knowing what is everyone choice of 2D/ Image editing application of choice? I just order CorelDRAW 12 and Painter. I can’t really afford $$ to deal with Adobe products, and GIMP I use mostly for resizing and quick work. I figure Corel will get me to most of what I need and at a good price.

I see that a 3D artist needs a good 2D program also.

Sorry to say that it is pretty hard to beat Photoshop. It just keeps getting better and better. It has been worth the money spent.

I second photoshop. It is hard to beat.

If I wasn’t using it for work on a daily basis, I could probably settle for Gimp.

I’m using Satori PhotoXL. They also offer a freeware version. I really encourage everybody to give it a try. At least it’s a really usefull addition to every other 2d app.

I have been using the GIMP to edit photos for years and have not found anything it cannot do. I haven’t touched photoshop in at least 3 years. Not to say that Photoshop isn’t good, it’s great. But GIMP is free and like I said, it can do pretty much anything I have ever needed.

i do some web work, so i prefer fireworks, but it is not the best for raster image stuff. i can’t figure out the GIMP. i love photoshop when I get a copy.

I am in the Photoshop crowd also. I just upgraded to Photoshop CS and it is really cool. I would have to say that it Photoshop is the program if you are going to spend money, and GIMP is the program for someone looking for a free program.


I would switch to gimp if it was a little more stable and they offered all of the windows withen gimp as one window (like the gimp dewierdifyer does). Only problem is that the dewierdifyer plugin is very unstable on my machine.

If it wasnt as unstable or they just put all of the windows together (WHY HAVENT THEY ALREADY?!), gimp would be my app of choice. Untill then, its PS for me.


Photoshop all the way. But for the price, (seeing as it is free), GIMP is a very close second.

I have used both and I prefer the workflow of Photoshop more and it seems to have a few more features that GIMP does not.


Using both, I’d say that all of it really depends upon what you want to do with images! Many routine image manipulations (and many not-so-routine ones) can be accomplished with GIMP. Photoshop is a fine tool although I’ve always felt it’s overkill for grandparents to use such a tool to e-mail unwanted pictures to their relatives.

If, and when, you’ve identified a requirement that needs the use of Photoshop… buy it and use it. But until then, use the heck out of GIMP, or whatever else you have.

I find gimp can do everything I need–though I’m not a professional.

Gimp was designed for linux. Most of the window managers in linux support multiple desktops, which make gives gimp certain advantages in being designed the way it is IMHO.

Have you tried running gimp with litestep??



Paintshop Pro 8 for a commercial product (90% of Photoshop at 1/5 the cost) and the GIMP. I’ve Photoshop 5 SE but I never use it (it came bundled with Premiere) and I’ve never been able to justfy buying the full version of Photoshop. (though between PsP and the GIMP I can’t think of anything tht Photoshop and do that I can’t that I actually need; if I were a professional photographer or graphic designer I might think otherwise though).

I’ve got coreldraw 11 (the suite), and it’s horribly buggy. Apparently 12 is supposed to be loads better, but I was never even offered a free upgrade even though I purchased and registered 11 within one month of corel releasing 12.

I asked and the reply was no. SP1 and SP2 for 11 didn’t fix problems, and actaully corrupted the about box.

Needless to say I’m going to use my power as the consumer and not buy from them again, and tell others the same.

Photoshop was some of the best money I ever spent.

I’ve been using Photoshop for almost a decade. It rules, hands down. The extract tool, ps rasterization, live type editing, layer styles, layer masking, live editable vector shapes… I’m glad Blender’s not competing with it.

Paintshop Pro 8.

Almost as good as Photoshop, without the bulk, or the roof-shattering price.

I think I understand what he’s talking about. If I activate GIMP the entire app should some forward, not just one window. I hate scrounging through a list of windows belonging to ALL running apps just to the the one GIMP window that I need. It’s a poor design, and needs to be fixed.

That having been said, for the major 2D stuff I use Painter (but for a lot more than retouching). For smaller stuff I use the GIMP. Some of the methods take a little getting used to, but I can still get the work done.

As for photoshop, I haven’t used it since about 2.0 or so.

I use the Gimp, and not yet the last version but the earlier, and I usually do professional illustrations for books and posters (not to talk of all the textures for Blender animations, of course).



I’m using Photoshop too. I did a few sketches with Gimp a few years ago, but wasn’t really satisfied with the interface.

Photoshop is a very powerful texture generator, image extractor and manipulator. Some very talented people really paint photorealistic images from scratch with it.

In my opinion there’s no program that can beat Photoshop and at the time you can get Photoshop 7 licences at ebay for about 200 Bucks. I think it’s worth the money.