Image File Lists

I’ve searched all over here, google, and garagegames to find information on how to get IFLs into Blender with out any luck. can this be done? If so, how? If not, are there plans for this in the future?

Currently, it can’t.

I presume you wish to use it in the Video Sequence Editor? Just select Add --> Images and click and drag with the RMB to highlight all the image files you want.

They will be added in the order viewed in the file selection dialogue. They don’t all have to be the same type of image.

Usually you would use this feature to composite your animation. First you’d render to something lossless, like PNG or TGA (which produces a directory of files named 0001.png, 0002.png, …) Then you’d use the Sequencer to compile them into an AVI or MOV.

Also (on an unrelated niftiness), if you already have an AVI or MOV, you can use it as a texture in your scene, even picking out specific frames to display at specific times…

Hope this helps.

If you need a program to turn the filenames listed in the IFL into something that Blender will import in the proper order, I can whip-up a quick python script to do that for ya.

Actually, what I need is to be able to apply an IFL to a mesh that can be exported to a DTS for torque. I’ve pretty much found the same consensus every where else, but I wasn’t sure. Is this something that is planned for Blender in the future?

Look here for a link to the Torque exporter

You can apply movies (AVI, MOV) as textures in Blender (not just images) which animate. Use the sequence editor to compile a list of images into a movie, apply it as texture. I don’t know if the DTS exporter understands that though. Also, you won’t have any individual transforms on each image of the texture, but you can animate the texture using the IPO editor (the normal Blender way).

Hope this helps.

Most of these things I already know about, and have used. unfortunately they don’t work with torque. I have to have an IFL attached to the mesh. I’m not sure torque would even support attached movies, and if it did there would be too much overhead involved. I would hate to have to remove some feature of my game, just to have a torch.

I already have the DTS exporter. It came with torque. GarageGames has a lot of support for Blender :smiley: , which I’m glad of.

I hate to keep coming back to this, but, so far as I know, this is the only option I have, and IFLs really are the best way to animate a texture.

Wait, all you want is to animate a texture using Torque?

Model your object. UV-map it with any random texture. Export it to Torque.
In torque, change the texture to your IFL. Does this not work?

(Sorry, I’ve never actually heard of Torque before this… so I don’t know how it actually works…)

Sorry I could not be of more help.

I’ll have to give this a try, I’m not sure if it this will work. 3DS Max allows IFLs to be attached to the mesh. Torque simply imports the finished meshes either as DTS or DIF. Of course, I’m not very experienced with Torque. I’ll give this idea a try when I get the chance and see if it works. Thnx :slight_smile: