Image for tee shirt - corn

I got this far in a simple image for a tee-shirt, when I realized that most screen printers want vector art. They can half-tone this in monotone color of my choosing. Anyone have c&c on finishing the mouths? I don’t know how to cut the mesh properly. I am a beginner with Blender. In the png file the white background is transparent. The jpg here has white.

And posting images to elysiun!


You could make the mouths missing pieces of corn!

It’s cool. I like it.

Thanks, the missing corn pieces as mouth is worth a try. I like it. BTW, cool movies on your site. Did you do them in Blender?



welcome to elysiun.

I realy like the concept, popping out some corn for doing the mouth is a great idea, BTW :slight_smile: . Too bad you have to lower-tone it, though. Perhaps you should consider Toon shading style, even if personally I don’t like much this style, but it should worth a try for your peculiar case.

Hey, if you want the background to be transparent, you need to save the image as a ‘GIF’, not jpg.

btw, the image looks good.

I am waiting for the tee shirt company’s feedback before I update it; however, I am going to work on the characters further to do an animation once it’s finalized. I tried toon shaders, but I could not get the look I wanted. Too thick lines, only the outline, not the kernals. Is there a way to exclude an object from the toon shader? The grass (from fiber) would turn almost all black. Thanks again.


Or, I dunno, maybe PNG as he said?