Image help needed.

this is kind of a stupid question but… Where can i get a good picture of the net for modeling a 3d object…like with at least front and side view.
please help

How about you try to search for an image like that on a search engine, such as Google?


Keep an eye on for articles like the following:

Best of Luck!!

Depends on what you want to model.

Humans, pretty hard to come by, but 3Dsk has some freebies. Drawings for anime and cartoon characters are also available, search on the name of the character.

If you want to model something mechanical, a search for blueprints will bring up several sites that have cars, trains, helicopters, and so on. When you do a search, include the common name of your object and “blueprint” ie: “locomotive blueprint”.

Fans of whatever also put up sites which sometimes include top front and side views of their favorite whatever (Star Trek ships, for example, or Mazda RX7s.)

BTW, it’s not a stupid question, actually it’s a pretty common one. Probably because there isn’t any simple answer. Best advice I can give you is to learn how to use Google’s “advanced search” so you can screen out a lot of the junk Google finds on a basic search. Good luck.

i tryed searching on a search engine link kid i havent been able to get good pictures for modeling something fairly simple…But i think this stuff will help thanks guys.

haha the blueprints tip gets some good ones! thanks!