Image hosting

Hello there

I was just thinking.
I rather look and comment on threads where I can actually see the images.
Threads that just have a bunch of links feels like a ripoff.
And you never know what happens if you press them, anything from popups to a pr0n-redirect.

And when people do have images, they are often in their full size, wasting my download.
I mean, everyone doesn’t have to see the wireframe, and a page fill of WIP’s takes forever to load.

So I thought I’d recommend
It’s the image host I use, and they have easy to use thumbnailing.
They support all image formats, and images can be up to 1.5mb in size :slight_smile:

Don’t kill me for advertising like that.
Actually, I’d like you to say what imagehost you use, so that we can compare and see which one is best.
I’m right now on a 56k type of modem, so it feels like each thread is either empty or forever-loading. :smiley: