Image in UV editor doesn't show

Hope this isn’t an old question (didn’t find anything):

When I select some faces/verts in 3D view,unwrap them and try to assign an image in the editor to the unwrapped faces nothing happens. No image. Still somehow the 3D shows the image (at the right place).
Am I just stupid or what is wrong?

Are you meaning the image does not show in the UV editor or the wires of your mesh over the image? If the image (as you have said), try hitting ALT-R in the editor to reload the image.

No,Alt-R doesn’t work because it doesn’t accept an image in the first place. And it’s just forthat special set of faces, when I select one more -and unwrap it, it works…

Try going into the list of images you have loaded and click on the image again, it usually works for the image editor.

Also I have had some small issues with the image not loading until I untick the button with the pin icon, try unticking it.

What format is the image?

png. Thanks for the help. Works now, after resetting the uv unwrap several times !?!