Image Input - Generated

Can someone give me a noodle that shows how to use the Generated option in the Image Input node? I am updating the User Manual, and while Viewer Node used to be there, it isn’t anymore, and there is Image, Movie, Sequence and Generated. I’ve loaded an image into the UV/Image Editor, but the Generated does not pull it. Can’t figure out what it should do or how to get it to work. Thanks.

Pops: It’s for computed images rather than “real” bitmaps. So for example you can use the builtin Test Grid as “image” input in a composite. This way: in UV/Image window go Image->New->UV Test Grid. In the image node choose the name of the grid (probably Untitled) and specify its type as Generated. As of now I think it only works for the Test Grid and the black image you get if you go Image-New and don’t click UV Test Grid.

Edit: Ok also works for any image in the UV editor that hasn’t been saved out as an image file. So bake results, newly painted images etc can be rendered in nodes. How this is useful I don’t know yet.

Thank you, CD38. That’s what i needed - it’s an indicator, not a selector. wiki updated with useful use of this useful feature.

Pop: That’s a nice description of a potential use of Generated images. I didn’t know about sync lock; I was getting tired of rendering alla time.

The setup you use for illustration could be useful as a teaching tool for nodes that affect color. Rather than having to load images and study them for what a node setup does, the student simply paints different colors in the UV window and sees the immediate effect in the Viewer or the background. Hm, I need to do this myself!