Image input nodes ?

but they are just floating there if used by an Image Input node

Is the image displayed in the UV image editor (not the unused ones in the menu there) an Image Input node?

I ask because in my OOPS that image is just floating there too. Or do I misunderstand? And all images float there?

Thank you.

in trying to help koba, he stated that he had images stuck in his blend file that did not show up in the outliner and were not attached to a texture. (turns out this was not the case, but whatever). So, I set about trying to find out how that could be. One thing I did was go into the Node Editor, create an Image Input Node, and load an image into it.

Then, I went to my OOPS, showed images, and sure enough, there it was, just floating there, unattached to anything yet saved with the Blend file. Aha! I thought, this is a way that .blend files can get clogged up with huge texture files; if Scene 15 uses a compositing input image node that is scrolled off the screen, users would have really no way of finding it, or deleting it.

Hence my thread I just started on the OOPS, to see if this really is a problem that should be addressed.

It would be nice if you tried it with the UV/Image editor as well; just load up an image at random, unpack, save, reload and see if it is still encapsulated in the blend file; it would be another instance of the OOPS not showing the connection.

Ititrx - currently all images that aren’t used in textures float in the OOPs. In the thread you link to I make the suggestion that UVmaps should be shown in the outliner too. Come to think of it, lines should be drawn in OOPs to show the connections between objects and UVmap images. Same for objects with UVproject modifers and images. Finally, nodes should be shown in OOPs to show the links between image nodes and images.


yes, it seems that some datablock types are missing from the OOPS schematic - nodes, UV textures, along with the links to the scenes. Hence, you see the image, you see the scene, but not the UV Texture that connects the two. So, you have no way of finding out how to get rid of the darn thing. And if it’s an avi, it takes a serious chunk of memory/disk space.

Ok, I didnt explain it very well. I do have an image Im using in the uv editor on my object in 3d. But in the Opps, it shows up, but doesnt have a line showing the connection.

So, I was wondering if its a node thingy, which I havent used yet either, LOL. Sorry for confusing ya’ll.

Yes, I will play with it. But unpacking and saving it got rid of all the unlinked files from my uv image editor image menu. I was just curious about the above.

Thanks again.