Image Layers in Blender ...

Whatever happened to this? It seams with the fantastic new paint tools we have (Thank Psy!) Now is the time to have Image layers and bring Blenders texture painting too its true potential. Here’s a link to the video I saw about it for anyone not too sure what I mean.

Status of his project can be found here:

Status of its inclusion into Blender can be followed here:

Thanks Harley, that’s great info. And Yes Sam I agree, implementation of this brings blender into the realms of Mari, Deep Paint, etc which the FLOSS scene badly needs. Hopefuly we’ll see it soon and I hope the programmers keep at the great work.

@SamCameron I disagree, the thing is that the patch, even before the final merge of soc-2013-paint branch, wouldn’t apply to master branch. Plus the patch contains a lot of dead code (commented out code), comments in Italian, and now that Psy-fi merged his branch, there are a few conflicts. Updating (and cleaning) this very patch would take quite some time (a couple of days or so) for someone else than the original author (ruesp83) as you would essentially need to “apply” the patch line by line. (I know what I’m talking about, I did update it but then lost my data due to a kernel update failure :frowning: ). That process would take a couple hours for @ruesp83, as he already has the patch “applied” so to speak.

Now, Psy-fi was way in to merge that patch a few months ago:

It would be great to finally merge this into master!Can you upload a diff against master on phabricator for code review?
I can help if you need any assistance.
Also we should resolve any conflicts with soc-2013-paint. I am focused on
finalizing the branch these days and it should be up for review in about 2
weeks. Depending on the state of those projects it may be beneficial to merge one or the other first.

Back then, Psy-fi was busy, he got busier with Gooseberry, and ruesp83 hasn’t given any news since then (he said he would update it any time soon).

If this is not in master yet, it is mainly due to the fact that the author is not responding, not Psy-fi not doing his “code review duty”.

The quote is from the bf-committers ML:

Hopefuly we’ll see some info soon then, I really wish I could code sometimes, hehe.