Image Manipulation in Python?

i’d like to know if there are plans for adding some support for simple python 2D graphics editing.
I’m thinking of : a script node in compositor, and adding off the python image library (shortly PIL) to blender.
Or if there is allready some other library added for such purpose. (but PIL is the most widely known here, pygame would another one).

To my knowledge, PIL hasn’t officially been ported to Python 3, has it? I suppose the Pillow fork is the closest thing.

Yes your right (forgot Blenders python level is 3.0 )
But is there any library for python based 2D image manipulation currently included?

Nope… partially because - aside from Pillow - there aren’t really any that work in Py3. Hell, I have an add-on where having that kind of support would be great. Currently, though, I call ImageMagick as a subprocess.

Hmmm, you can use Pillow from Blender, though. At least my test “from PIL import Image” inside blender’s python console worked.

hm ok, i hoped there would someting and so i wouldnt have to depend on something not included in blender
As it then would b a bit harder to make something all users could use without having to install some kind of exe
(which wouldnt work on linux/mac).

>>> from PIL import Image
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<blender_console>”, line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named ‘PIL’


well i was hoping here for something that wouldnt require something to install that isnt part of the default blender install.

you can install the latest version for PIL then you can access it !


happy bl

Ok then my question would be if there are future plans to include Pillow with Blender.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. You can use Pillow from Blender, but you have to install it first.

I see where I was misleading, my apologies.

None that have been announced. Feel free to bring up the discussion on IRC or perhaps the bf-python mailing list.

ok i’ll do that
thnx guys