image map How to apply?

(lilo) #1

hello all,

my goal is as follows: to apply a .jpeg picture of a soccer ball to a sphere in blender. Under the material buttons I have selected sphere, and tried to manipulate the picture with the sizex,sizey,sizez buttons. But even though it looks good in the preview window, when I render I get all kinds of wierd stuff. Even when I did finally get it to render ok, when I then rotated the soccer ball I found the texture only covered half the ball.

If someone could direct me to some information as to how to apply an image texture, it would be most appreciated.

thanks for your time :o

(Squee) #2

I’m not very good with Tex maping but i mita be able to help.

First off to fix the Tex only covering half the ball go into thet Tex buttons (F6) and sellect (Repeat) you probably have it set to (clip)

Next go back to the material window (F5) and try seting the the Tex map coordinates to (Object)

Hope that helps some. you may still need to play around a bit after that thou.