Image Mapping Options Don't Seem to Apply

I’d like to repeat and tile a UV-mapped texture, mirroring every other one so that the seams line up.

The “Image Mapping” section of the “Textures” properties tab teases me by seeming to do what I want: with “extension” set to repeat, you can set a “Repeat” number for X and Y as well as “mirroring” checkboxes.

When I adjust these, it reflects it as you’d expect in the texture’s the “Preview” panel, but not on the mesh itself. In fact none of the options in the “Image Mapping” panel seem to do anything to your actual objects. Viewport Shading is set to “Textured”, and I’ve tried “Singletexture”, “Multitexture” and “GLSL” alike for shading in the Display panel.

I can only get a texture to actually repeat on the model by either increasing the “Size” dimensions in the “Mapping” panel, or scaling the UV map in the UV Editor. These don’t mirror it however.

So what are the “Image Mapping” options actually used for, and how can I get it to mirror my repeated tiles?

I’m using Blender 2.61. Thanks.

I am experiencing the same problem and have been trying to figure out what option needs to be changed. I know that you can change the size if it is a one texture image and that will in effect repeat, but I have a texture map that I would like to repeat specific UVs.

Did you end up finding a solution?


This guy on Youtube uses it for the carpet (at 9:00) - but the effect only shows up when he renders it, not in the 3D window. Thus, perhaps the answer is that the whole “Image Mapping” section of texture properties only applies to rendering.

In my case I’m designing it for the BGE so that won’t do. It’d be a shameful waste to have to mirror the texture manually in Photoshop, thus quadrupling its size and the amount of memory taken up by such textures, if Blender can’t simply be told to mirror every other tile in the BGE.