Image maps?

Is there a way to change the color of an image when its applied to a surface in UV mode?


Well, yes and no. There are two ways to apply UV Mapping. One way is to bulid the UV map on the image and then in the materials settings in the first box on the left click texface. This option, however, gives you very little control. The second option is to do the UV mapping, then in the textures add the image you just mapped as a texture. Back in materials, in the right hand box (at least that’s the default) there’s a tab that says input. Change that from Orco to UV. Now when you go back to the texture settings, you can go to the colors tab and edit the brightness and change the color balance.

The reason I say no is that it won’t change the color that shows up on the model when you hit alt+z, but it will change the color once you render.

Also, there is UV paint mode when you’re working in the UV editor, but it is still a little hard to work with in my opinion, and it would be rather hard to change the color of the whole image. It’s more for adding little details and cover ups, but you may want to look into that more in the documentation.