Image Modeling Toolkit(Beta)

Hi! This my first addon. Its purpose more or less precsize modeling from photos.
It includes importer for Autodesk Image Modeler .rzi files.
Tested for blender 3.3.1, 4.0.

camera switching widgets
cameras switch




Hi @yursiv

Thank you for creating this interesting & useful add-on.

Just one note: the video can’t be watched directly on Gumroad (error: β€œSorry, this content is age-restricted”).
It is still possible to watch it on Youtube but I guess, for convenience, you might want to change some Youtube settings to let people easily watch the demonstration video on Gumroad.

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Do you plan to sell your add-on on BlenderMarket, Artstation as well ?

No, also i cannot sell on BlenderMarket because of limitations of Paypal in my country.
My only option to recieve payments is Payoneer. So i plan to make release on Patreon soon.

Updated for Blender 4.0

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