Image Node Limit

The image node seems to have a limit of 10,000 frames. Is it possible to make that any higher? I have around 25,000 frames that I need to render. What should I do to fix that?

I would highly advise cutting the footage , if not into 2x10,000 and 1x5000 frame chunks then into 5x5000.
The longest shot I have ever comp’ed at once was on a Flame at about 4200 frames.

k, thanks. Makes things more annoying for me to do, but at least it’s still possible.

There is no limit. There is a frame numbering issue, with the way the frames are sorted when they are read in. The VSE can work with more than 10k frames. Just put frames 1-9999 in one subdirectory, and frames 10000-99999 in another, and use the two input strips to read them in, and butt them up together.

just curious - what movie are you editing?

Removing the need for this 10k workaround is already on Ton’s to-do list.You should submit a bug report for the Image node, since it does not work with a 5-digit sequence.

I’m editing a video tutorial I’m doing on wire removal using Blender. It’s not the best in the world since it’s my first, but you got to start somewhere.

I just got the newest SVN version of Blender at Graphicall and it seems to let me put in more frames in the image node so I think I’ll try using that right now. I wish I had thought of it sooner.

What’s your avatar of? And while you’re looking at this post, is there a way to speed up a section of video in the VSE so that it plays twice as fast or something? Thanks again.

If you are asking me, nadaklan, I would not use SVN to edit anything I was depending on. SVN features change and files are not always compatible. but I am glad to hear that maybe there is progress toward fixing this ‘bug’ - although not so much a bug as a new consideration needed now that Blender is going mainstream.

If you’re asking me about my avatar here on BA, well, thank you for asking. It’s from a line drawing I had in high school, only now done with Blender. I think it is a bird, like a seagull, flying out of a sunrise. But now it has been updated with a grid floor and composition guideline (rule of thirds), and some lighting.


Ok, I put this off for a while, but now that I’m working on it again, how do you “put frames 1-9999 in one subdirectory, and frames 10000-99999 in another, and use the two input strips to read them in, and butt them up together.”? I’m mainly questioning the underlined part.

I use windows, so I just use the windows explorer and drag and drop. Sort the folder by filename.

I’m not really figuring this out very well. It seems like a real pain to do everything. So…once I cut my video into a couple parts, I put them in the VSE, then line them up, add in the scene, and do an alpha under?

which step (click here) are you on?

I’m just trying to over lay some text and blur some stuff. The blurring is where the nodes are needed. I may just decide not to if it gets to be too much trouble.

well, assuming you are using the compositor, try this. the title stays ok for 2 seconds, then blurs out and fades out for the the next 3 seconds crossing over to the image.


Thanks for that, but I didn’t really need it. What I’m doing with the blur is blurring the private information when browsing through folders. It’s probably not needed, but I’d like to do it anyways. I already know how to do it too.

The main problem is that image node limit…if it didn’t have a limit, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I tired the SVN which didn’t have a limit, like I said earlier, but the render didn’t work. I may just try cutting them up again and then merge them together, last time I accidentally used a codec not compatible with Blender. Almost makes it more trouble than it’s worth though.