Image Node Preview

I have looked into it, but several factors are speaking against it:

  • TIFF is a complicated format with a multitude of possible ways to save images (“The flexibility in encoding gave rise to the joke that TIFF stands for Thousands of Incompatible File Formats” - Wikipedia). Effectively this means that writing a TIFF reader is a big project in itself.
  • I could not find a good single-header library for reading TIFF files. I am very hesitant to use large libraries with additional dependencies because they make a project harder to maintain in the future.
  • I assume that it’s not very commonly used, compared to the popularity of JPG, PNG, HDR and EXR.

I hope you understand my decision to not support TIFF for the time being.
Of course, if I get 20 requests or so asking for TIFF support, I would reconsider it despite the drawbacks, but that has not happened yet.



Blender source libraries already includes “LibTIFF” which is a pretty decent TIFF reader. The Blender image editor let’s you open tiff images already. That could be the easiest option.

I have released version 1.3, which fixes loading of images with non-latin characters like äöü in their path on Windows (on Linux, this was already working).
Thanks to Chris for reporting this bug.

@B.Y.O.B great work !
Just want to let you know, i purchased a copy but it didn’t work for me on first usage with 75% of imgs on my .blend, the bug may be resolved now ?

Anyway, great work man, you have all my support


Can you give more detailed information about these images?
Supported file formats are jpg, png, hdr, exr, psd, tga, bmp, gif.
In general, thumbnails are not shown for packed images*, as listed under the “Caveats” section on the store page.

If the format of the image is supported and it is not packed, but still doesn’t work, that could be a bug and it would be good to know more about it. Try if it’s working with v1.3, and if not, please send me the following information (in a PM, if you want):

  • Your OS
  • The filesystem path to one of the problematic images
  • Best would be to have a .blend with one of the problematic images, and the image itself

(*) The reason for packed images not being supported is that it’s currently not possible to access the data of Blender images fast and from a background thread (to prevent Blender from stuttering and becoming unresponsive while the image data is read).

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ok, my bad. i always pack image 24/24
i guess i need to read my manuals :partying_face:

(*) The reason for packed images not being supported is that it’s currently not possible to access the data of Blender images fast and from a background thread

why not exporting all packed imgs in an hidden file path for your addon to use ?

I have considered this as well, but it would also cause stutter because the “save to disk” function can’t be run in the background as far as I know. Best would be if I could get a pointer to the image data in Blender’s RAM and just read it from there, but this would require some kind of API on Blender’s side that would give me the pointer and functions to lock and unlock the image data so it is not deleted during the read operation.

I will continue to check for advancements on this topic (@LazyDodo has been working on improvements to image pixel reading, for example), but at the moment, I can’t support packed images in a reasonable way.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but as far as I can see, LibTIFF is complicated to use, has additional dependencies, and being used by Blender as well could mean that I have to use the exact same version to avoid conflicts, meaning that each time the Blender devs update the version, my addon has to follow or it could become incompatible.
I will keep looking for a single-header library instead.

I have just confirmed that the addon works in Blender 2.82.

However, I received one report that it did not load in 2.82, does anyone else have problems?

The report I got turned out to be false alarm. No problems reported here as well, so looking good.

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I have released v1.4, which fixes wrong gamma of the thumbnails when displayed in Blender 2.91.



Many of you have requested it, now it’s here: Node Preview, showing rendered preview thumbnails for all Cycles nodes!


Hi B.Y.O.B
I have this traceback on Linux with Blender 3.00 :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/mnt/99e3337c-2e1e-450e-a61d-890dedc918d6/Mes Applications/blender-3.0.0-a/3.0/scripts/modules/", line 351, in enable
    mod = __import__(module_name)
  File "/home/patrinux/Python_projets/addons/ImageNodePreview/", line 65, in <module>
    raise Exception(msg + "\n\nImportError: %s" % error) from None

ImportError: cannot import name 'worker' from partially initialized module 'ImageNodePreview' (most likely due to a circular import) (/home/patrinux/Python_projets/addons/ImageNodePreview/

This is the v1.4 of your Image Node Preview.
Thks for your answer.

EDIT: Ok I understood, your cpython is with python 3.7 and not python 3.9! Sorry.
So your 1.4 released addon don’t run on Blender 3.00.

Yes, there will be an update compiled against Python 3.9.

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Thks a lot and at soon…


Thanks a lot Simon for your offer very kind, I agreed it just now. Good Luck for the rest…

This update is out now.


@B.Y.O.B You are awesome. I use octane a lot for professional work and this is just overall an amazing addon. Not many cool addons for the octane stuff. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people don’t know octane and luxcore exist for blender so there’s not exactly a plethora of great addons for them. This is one of the most useful things I have seen period. Just had to throw my thanks out there!

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