Image on existing material


I’m a bit of a newbie at this stuff, but I’ve tried every which way and every Google search I can think of, and can’t figure this out so it’s time to ask for help. I’m trying the following:

  1. Created a new simple material, with diffuse color Green (for example).
  2. Apply the material to a mesh.
  3. Edit the mesh, select a specific set of faces, use the U/V Editor to load an image to be displayed on those faces.

What I’m really trying to do, is get the transparent parts of that image (3) to show over the green material created in (1), but from what I can tell the only way I can get them to show at all is to create a new material, apply that material only to the faces I want the image to show on, and set it to “Face Textures”, which promptly invalidates that material’s own diffuse colour (if it didn’t I could at least set it to the same color as the other material), let alone let me somehow overlay the texture on the original material used to color the rest of the mesh (this is what I really want to do).

Is there any straightforward way to do this, or any tutorial that someone could point me to? It seems like this has got to be really simple (as in the first thing people learn when working with textures kind of simple) and I’m just missing something. I could in theory manually colour the texture’s background to the same shade of green I have the rest of the mesh at, but then I’d be stuck if I wanted to change everything to say, blue a few days later.


Here is one way You can do it…If I understand You correct…:slight_smile:

First You can drag picture directly into Blenders…Viewport - node Editor - uv/image etc…Fast and easy Damn Blender…:slight_smile:

As You write You need a transparent pic…Png. Or other.

You know how to assign face so not much to say other than see picture node setup.

For each face You need 2 diffuse and 1 image texture…Image texture go to 1 diffuse and alpha to Fac in Mixshader.

Remember to greate New image for each texture in Uv/Image Editor and assign in edit material tap.

You can even make a face double transparent…Different image on each side…)

Hope this make sense…Btw…Welcome to the forum.

I just see You want to paint too…Just go texturepaint and paint…You will paint on the UV there is made for the texture so it will overwrite the texture…Have a eye in Uv/image editor Menuline - Image
If there are a little star to the right of the name. (image *) It isen’t saved…Save it…)