"Image" Option Appears to be Missing in 2.73


A very basic, newbie question: From Blender, I want to be able to search through my hard drive for the desired .png texture to use with UV mapping.

In viewing tutorials that use a Blender version earlier than 2.73, I see on one toolbar at the bottom of the screen: View / Image. (Where Image is selected to start searching for .png images.)

But in my version, 2.73, the Image option appears to be missing. Instead, there is View / Select / Add/ Object. How do I access .png images on my hard drive from Blender in 2.73?


You are looking at the 3d viewport. You need to change the window to a UV/Image Editor window.
I suggest you start reading the manual to understand the basics of the interface. https://www.blender.org/manual/editors/index.html
Change to the Image Ediitor using the list in the bottom left corner of the viewport header

Thank you. That helps.

Yes, I will study the manual more. I have been reading it, but it all can be a bit overwhelming. Blender is without a doubt one of the–if not THE–most complex programs I’ve worked in.


you have view options as you do in basically every GUI tool

a pic is worth …