Image Pixels to Vertex Weight

Hi, I need to recreate one technical visualization into vector file.
I was thinking about particles and weight map to generate size and color of arrows.
I was able to

  • separate colors from original Image (left) for image texture(right)
  • create exact grid -each particles/arrow is palced in center of a face
    Now I wanted to convert (somehow) texture to vertex weight map, because this texture use the same spectral gradient like weight does.

Thank you for help - ideas

Have a look at the UV texture to Vertex color script:

i bet you can use that with some modifications, like stripping blending modes and make it use vertex weight instead of vertex color.

:slight_smile: thanks for tip
In my case - I don’t have knowledge to create or modify scripts . . . what a shame :slight_smile: Hm

well, you need a different approach anyway, as vertex weights aren’t loop-based but vertex-based (hence no sharp edges).

vertex group creation e.g.:

group ="NewGroup")
for v in
    group.add(v.index, WEIGHT, 'REPLACE')

Here’s a really rough test:

For proper conversion, it would have to turn RGB texture into grayscale using luminance and interpolate the uv/loop values for same vertex. Dunno if it’s still useful for you.

I will test it tomorrow, thanks for your interest.
(I’m busy with some deadlines at work for a last few days. So sorry for a bit late answer.)

I found some workaround with dynamic paint that generates vertex weight. But for that I had to convert RGB to greyscale image too. This image is used as displace texture for dynamic brush. It works, but with this greyscale texture I can directly control particle emission in a proper way :slight_smile:

For conversion spectral gradient to greyscale one - luminance is not good solution. Red color in this conversion is not represented by white color as I need to be. I used my own setup. I will post it soon.

Anyway, if there is an option to use spectral image directly used by script to generate weight would be cool :slight_smile:

Absence of sharp edges is not problem - my interest is in vertex informations - weight and color. The right image in my first post is not result that I’m asking for, it’s a reference image for vertecies. Original image is quite small so just preserve my precise grid catch grey (or antialias) pixels from image background I did it.

Not 100% if it’s what you need, but here’s one method:

You can convert an image (or image sequence) to Vertex Weights with the Vertex Weight Mix modifier. This is all I needed to do just now:

1: Create 2 vertex groups, assign all vertices to both. One with 0 weights, one with 1 weights.
2: Create the VWM-modifier. Enter the 1-group as A, the 0-group as B
3: Enter your texture as Texture Mask.

In my test file, this results in the 1-group carrying the modification.

When setting it to use the texture’s hue channel, it looks like it’s the same color/weight relationship as in Vertex Paint.
Here’s a screen of my quick test:

Pre-post addendum: Ah. You can simply bake the effect by applying the modifier, and the colors in Vertex Weight Paint look like they match your texture.

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Oh!!! That’s what I was looking for :slight_smile: Thanks dude :slight_smile: I’m going to test it.

@encn, thanks from me too. has application to something I’ve been grinding on.


slight correction to earlier post, group.add takes a list. To add all verts to vgroup “All” with weight WEIGHT

group ="All")
group.add([v.index for v in], WEIGHT, 'REPLACE')

@encn: ok, I got some problem. Hue scale is not the same as spectrum scale.
Is there any chance to fix this issue in modifier setup? Thanks

For now is better to convert spectrum scale to greyscale via Index color Table and use it as texture for modifier.