Image-plane aligned to different camera at time

Hi, I’m creating a large model of a city and the trees are images cutout, in order to save file size. All trees are aligned to one camera with track constraint. It works great, except for the fact that I need now to position several cameras on the model and each one of them need to see the trees facing the camera, at least when is active. I’m a beginner here and my idea at the moment is to copy the tree collection, one for each camera and playing with track constraint and visibility. Or hoping there is a faster and more reliable method hidden in the compositor. Any suggestion? Thank you

You can track to an empty that you can place at the active camera, manually or by animation it.

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That’s a good point and could do the job. Is there a way that the empty follows automatically the active camera when I switch it or I need to manually change the position of the empty?

No, you have to manualy do this.
Alternativly you can use only one camera that you animate so the camera jumps.

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Thank you Rigoletto
that’s a good idea too, but I’ve never animate the camera. I’ll check it

don’t know if this helps, but this is a way to easly put a camera in position:

  1. Add camera.
  2. Select the camera.
  3. Align view to camera (press 0 on the numpad).
  4. Press N to bring a menu i don’t remember the name of.
  5. In that menu go to view and look for (look view to camera).

now when you move your viewport the camera will change position in accordance.

àctually the solution that I’m using is:
One solution could be like this:

1a) Add an empty to your scene, add as many “object location constraints” as “copy location” as you have cameras, give each copy location constraint another camera as target

2b) add a “track to constraints” to all of your planes with target to your empt