Image plane or Background Question?!?!?!?!

Hi all

I thought I’d draw on the wealth of knowledge on this site and post my Q’s!

I am trying to rotoscope a 3d model over, or with, a live-action for some VFX.

In other apps, there is the option to use either a movie (avi or mov), or an image sequence as the image plane or background.

Is this option available in Blender, or is there a workaround that anyone knows of?

I’d be most appreciative of any help.


Take a look at this.

where the material is set up; rather than setting an image texture, set the avi file instead (with the movie button) and tell blender how many frames it is and what frame you want it to start playing.

Thanks heaps Seventh, this seems to be the best help so far. I’ll see how I go with it.