Image proyection while modeling

in metasequoia the user can project the image reference while modeling is this possible in blender

this is really a useful method for modeling the image reference keep projecting while you add more geometry

This looks very usefull.
I don’t think there’s an automatic projection that dynamically project while you add geometry in Blender.

A workaround then is to take advantage of the Front option and the Opacity of the “Background Image” , the front option transforming it then in a “Foreground Image”, very usefull in many case, edit or sculpt, as you don’t need to be in wireframe display to see the reference in the same time as you work.

i use the foreground every time i make a model but this technique is really a must have in blender very useful for keeping your model the same as the original drawing.

i see this technique in lightwave 3d to here

blender have projection mapping i think this can be done in blender i continued reserching

ok i found a tutorial that can help make it in blender let see what i can do

Ok i fount a way to do it whit UV projection modifier


  • default cube
  • UV Unwrap the cube and add texture
  • import the texture you one for modeling in the UV image editor
  • make a plane to be the projector name it front projector or left projector as you like
  • UV unwrap the plane and add the same image for reference
  • select the cube and add UV-project modifier, select the image to be projected, in the UVMap menu select UVMap
  • in the Npanel mark the option textured solid
    then select the object to be the projector and the magic come yiaaaaahuuuu…

this is going to be my favorite modeling method…:yes:

this method is amazing you cant perfectly match the reference image really fast…:yes: