Image Quality is horrible.

I’m having problems with image quality.
I usually render through Yafray. It will render for a good 4 hours. At the end, when I save the JPG, the file size is only 144kb…which means I even get a pixelated image when it’s printed on 8-1/2x11. I use these settings: Full Render at 100%, 1280x1024, High Quality, JPG quality=90

How do I increase the quality of the image without increasing the render time? Is this possible? Is another format besides JPG better?

Any help would be appreciated.


OK, I just read that I need to change the OSA settings, but that this will increase render time. Any other ways, besides magic?

to keep quality highest, avoid saving your work as .jpg because of the lossy compression algorithm.
Choose either an uncompressed image format (.bmp) or one with lossless compression (.png). Depending upon what you’re going to do with the image, .tga and .tiff are popular output formats as well.

You’ll find the settings in the button window, render context (F10), format tab.


Aha. This helps, though now the file is a maximum of only 3MB, so I can barely get it on an 11x17 without some resolution problems…Is there any other way to increase it even more?

My blender version doesn’t give me a Tiff option. I’m on a Mac OSX. Any reason why that is?


Save as PNG in Blender, later save as JPeg in your 2D application (Photoshop, Gimp). This gives you better control over the compression.

Also note that a 1280x1024 pixel RGB image is only a 3.75Mb image anyway - and that should give you a 14"x17" image but at only 72dpi resolution. These figures are courtesy of Photoshop.

So, you need to work out what image size and resolution you need then set the pixel dimension accordingly. For example, a 24"x20" image at 100dpi needs to be 2400x2000 pixels but at 200dpi, not surprisingly, it needs to be 4800x4000 pixels.

Thanks for your responses. Your suggestions have been very helpful…

Famous article “Size does count” from Leigh van der Byl may help very much:


I just stumbled into this forum from a google search that brought up this statement by lbahoora:

“My blender version doesn’t give me a Tiff option. I’m on a Mac OSX. Any reason why that is?”

Which just happened to be the question I was asking google. This was the only reference I could find to this problem. Does anyone have any more information on why Blender doesn’t provide an option to save as a tiff on the Mac?