image question

(paradox) #1

If I imbed an image on ElYsiun does that increase the bandwidth on my web site. Maybe a simple question but I’m new to web site stuff. Thanks

(S68) #2


If you post a link, only interested reader will follow the link, other would not follow the link (and will never know what they are missing)

If you post the image then whomever opend your message also downloads the picture, so downloads gets higher!

Personally I post a thumbnail, so that people can have an idea of what image is, but never full image

(also for correctness towards modemers and their bandwidth)



(Timothy) #3

yes it does!

but only by a few bytes :slight_smile:

seriously though, it doesn’t really increase bandwith of elYsiun. The only thing extra asfar as elysiun, is the extra text of the [img] code. But the actual image itself is loaded from the external server.
However! ofcourse if you embed larger images people with slower internet accounts will find elysiun more difficult to browse trough. Seeing as they suddenly have to deal with the large image.
Personally I would advise to only embed small images (400 pixels width or smaller). and link them to a larger image.

(paradox) #4

Thanks for the answers. I’ll give it a try in the future when I post some new stuff. Perviding I can do it with homestead but I’ll check it out.
And I was thinking of thumbnails with a link to larger pics so people with low band could see.

(Timothy) #5

for everyone that doesn’t know this yet, you can link an image with bbcode like this:




As easy as that