Image Request: Skyscrapers

I tryed this at pronetowrks, with no success. I need this for part of a logo:

  1. go to see the 3 buildings?
  2. those, without bush, larger, rounded tops
  3. birds-eye view, a little more, kinda sticking out.

Need more discription?

well… lovely… is it a paid project?

No, sorry to dissapoint.

Hmmm. Definitely need more information. Is Netfirms a non-profit organisation? It appears to be commercial. If they aren’t providing free webhosting, why would they expect someone contribute a free logo?

Or are you just asking for advice on how to make the logo yourself? If so, more information is still required. What do you plan to do with the logo? Animate it? Print it? Fly through it? The end purpose will dictate how you go about modelling it.

If you’re just after a still image, not an animation, then Illustrator, Corel Draw or similar vector drawing package (there’s a free one but I can’t remember the name) or even Photoshop or Gimp are what you really need.

The free one is inkscape or sodipodi (I prefer inkscape).

I’m asking for help with a still image, b/c I’m not an artist. I just need an image for part of a logo I’m making.

for 1.) This is an Extreamly simple project and 5 minutes reading through the Blender Manual will give you the knowledge it takes to make it yourself. 2.) Not many people will jump on doing a logo design for free. You’ll find this in any business you get into. At least not one that will look decent.

That suggestion that you do it in blender’s not a bad one. I’ve started using Blender for a lot of 2D stuff. You set the Colors to render as shadeless in the material editor and off you go. May also have to set the camera to ortho mode as well, depending on what you’re doing.

The up side of making it yourself in blender would be that you have it in semi-3d, which means you can zoom around it and stuff.

Thanks for the advice