image scale, particles density ?

I configured grass (material plus textures plus particles) and I would like to assign this grass to a number of surfaces. All those surfaces will share the same material, the same texture and the same particle settings.

But it won’t work. There are 2 problems:

  1. The texture uses an image 64x64 (a pattern imitating ground) which is set to “Repeat”, to cover the whole surface. But it is necessary to specify the number of X and Y repeats. So, in order for this pattern to look the same on all surfaces, I’ll have to specify different repeat number, depending on the surface dimensions. It means basically, for 10 surfaces, defining 10 separate textures, which differ only with the repeat number… Is there something like “Image scale” instead of “Repeat X” and “Repeat Y”, so that the mapping is done by automatically just repeating the scaled image as many times as necessary to cover the surface?

  2. The same with particles. The particle settings have “Amount” which once set, is visually good only for a specific surface dimension. If the surface is slightly larger, to have the same visual effect (grass density), the amount should also be slightly higher. The density is constant. Is there any method to achieve this, i.e. to specify the amount somehow in terms of density?

Wouldn’t you just use UV-coordinates for the object that’s being duplicated?

There should also be an option to have an even covering with particles, play around with the distribution options a little.

Also, you could always just use hair particles to make grass.