Image sequence as plane render as purple texture

Hi, I use the image as plane plugin.
I checked the box image sequence, and load the image sequence.
I have a grey plane in the viewport with shading: solid (logic)
A purple plane with material viewport, but if I open the texture node, and relaod all images, I have the image sequence in my plane.
And purple plane in renderer, but if I open the texture node and reload all images, the plane is still purple.
In Evee and cycle.

I use the lastest version of blender (2.83). Do you have same problem ? How do you load image sequence in a plane ?

Thanks a lot

I don’t know this plugin but can you set the range of the image sequence and its start and end frame somewhere?
It might be that Blender is looking for “image_001.jpg” but your image sequence starts at “image_105.jpg” or something like that.

In fact the plugin create a node texture and set automatically the offset, the frame etc…

Try setting Offset to 0 and go to a frame within the range of your sequence. For example if your sequence goes from frame_0001 to frame 1010, go to frame 5.

If you get a result you know that something is wrong with the offset. I have had troubble with offset before, so perhaps that is it.

It’s very strange. I try to move offset to 0 and start frame to 5 or more, and nothing, and I don’t know why, I set a negative frame like -453 and it’s work.
After some move to try to understand how it’s work, I finally set the same offset and the same start frame as the begining and… it’s work… So if you have some purple texture with image sequence, play with offset and start frame until something is showing, and after that you can set the real parameters and it’s work…
Very strange…

With which frame does your image sequence start? I mean what is the first file name?

The file name is tennis454.jpg, tennis455, 456… Yes the start is 454.

Cool, the 2.9 is released, and all works fine with this version !

It works the following way:

Lets say your files start at tennis454 and go up to tennis612.

Do the following in the sequence node:

  • set “Frames” to 612
  • set “start Frame” to 1
  • set “Offset” to 0

Your image sequence will now be played from Frame 454 to frame 612.
Everything before 545 and after 612 will be purple because no image can be found.

Now do the following

  • set “Start Frame” to -453

Your image sequence will now start at frame 1 and go to frame 158.

Now do the following:

  • set “Start Frame” back to 0
  • set “Offset” to 453 (not -453)

Your image sequence will now start at frame 1 and go to frame 158.
Everything before 1 and after 158 will be purple.

It is a bit weird and perhaps not really intuitive but it might be easier to understand if you imagine your image sequence as a row of images inside a container.
You first have to tell the sequence how large the container is supposed to be. You do that with “frames”.
Then you shift the frame numbers with “offset”. So if you offset by 1 then the frame with the number 100 becomes 99 for example.
“Start frame” shifts the whole container.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. It’s very helpfull!