Image Sequence as UV image problem

I’m having trouble getting an image sequence to work as a uv mapped image. The desired images can be seen in the UV editor and in the 3d window, but they do not show in the render. It seems like a bug. Here’s the walk-though to reproduce my problem.

I’m using Blender 2.57a

I uv unwrap a plane, and go to the UV/Image editor and press ‘n’ to bring up the properties window. In this window, where it says ‘Image’, I click the file folder to open a new image. I select an image that I have previously made (named ‘0001.png’). My image shows up. (The same folder that contained my 0001.png image also contains images named ‘0002.png’ through ‘0350.png’).

In the ‘Source’ drop-down I choose ‘Sequence’. My image disappears and ‘Can not get an image’ appears in the properties window. Below that I check the ‘Auto Refresh’ box. My image shows up again and all seems well.

If I move around on the timeline, the image is updating and everything seems to work nicely. If I change the Viewport Shading in the 3D window to ‘Texutred’ then I can see my plane with the desired texture on it. Again, moving around on the timeline seems to update this and imply that everything is working nicely.

Finally, with my plane selected, I go to the Material settings in the Properties window and add a new material. Under ‘Options’ I check ‘Face Textures’. When I F12 render, the PLANE APPEARS WITHOUT ANY UV MAPPED IMAGE!

Any thoughts on how to get this to work?

My suspicion is that this is a bug and here’s why: If I go back to Properties in the UV/Image editor and under Image choose ‘File’ instead of ‘Sequence’ for my Source, the render correctly shows my uv mapped image.

Any thoughts or tips on this would be much appreciated, and if you all agree that this is a bug, how do I go about submitting this to the amazing folks at Blender?


Hi Sam!

Have you put in the amount of frames your sequence uses? By default it’s set to either 0 or 100, so make sure you put it to the specified amount, 350 frames.

Also I personally prefer to set up an image texture instead of using the “Face Textures” option, given the extra control and predictability I get. Have you tried this with a standard texture setup?

Edit: I’ve just tested out using an image sequence as a texture, which performed as predicted. So surely the feature is working in Blender. :slight_smile:

Sam: If you want to report a bug, you first need to isolate the problem with the simplest blend file you can create that still shows the problem. Use your current blend if you want, save a copy and delete everything except for the problematic elements. Then post the blend and image sequence online (create a more generic image sequence if you want) so a few other blenderheads can try it out. If no one can make heads or tails of it, then upload the blend and sequence to the Bug Tracker – there’s a link under Blender’s “help” menu.

Yes, I did make sure that was specified, so I know that’s not the problem.

I AM able to get the desired result using a ‘standard’ texture setup. Thanks for your suggestion! This is a totally acceptable workaround for what I’m trying to do. I still find it curious that the UV image sequence does not behave as expected though.
Thanks again, Artorp!