image sequence deforms while rendering.

when i render my image sequence. It deforms.
example would be a default cube as background, and a plane to hold image. And then i render and the plane twists and warps into the cube. And the texture changes from the first image of file to a image warped together with a cube.
How do i stop this from happening?

You will have to provide more information. I have NO idea what you are doing in between set up and render. Perhaps some screen grabs of the setup?

.mov video
i go into composting
check used nodes, background
delete render layer, add image, viewer and channel key.
change image node to 150 frames and movie. hook everything up adjust channel node to get rid of green screen.
select alpha box? so i can see the changes.
uv/image editor render image so it shows up.
in the render panel i set end frame at 150.
in output panel i choose rgba and type in //something. and save.
and now i can use timeline to play the video.
new scene, default
leave cube, size it up add material color.
add plane rotate and scale. add material 0 alpha.
texture the plane add image…open new select the first one it would be something.001
image mapping- i choose clip and i change a setting to image sequence.
in influence- i choose alpha. so i can see my image.
i then go to post processing and uncheck compositing. (if i don’t uncheck i cant see background)
i render animation.
and when thats done my plane seems to have combined and twisted with the cube i left in the background.
and the texture of the plane is the image and cube all twisted up.
thats about it.

The plane and the cube share the same material, so your movie is being mapped to both I think.