Image Sequence in the Compositor.

How do you add an Imagesequence to the compositior?
I can’t seem to get it working!
I’m running the latest build.
Please help!

In the node editor window: Shift+A, select image from the menu, click Open, locate the image sequence and you’re done.

I wish that worked!
But it doesnt!

I’ve just loaded an img sequence using the latest stable version (2.58a).
Do you get any error at all?
Note btw that not all image formats are supported.

Nope no error, not in blender or in console, and I use PNG’s

Can you load the image sequence elsewhere, like as an image texture? Then return to image node and try to select it from the drop down list of available preloaded images.

Dilopho DD, You really need to give more infomation. Just saying it doesn’t work doesn’t help you or anyone wanting to help you.
What are the exact steps you are taking. Do a screencast showing yourself trying to load the image sequence (Jing is perfect for this).
Does it load an image on its own ok. Have you ever loaded an image sequence in the past but it does not work in the latest version.
Make some effort please

Bump: How did this go, what solution worked?

To load an image sequence you need to load all of the images in the sequence at the same time using Add->Image, and then selecting all of the images in the sequence.