Image Sequence / Movie file - as Texture ?

Hello All,

I’m wondering about something but not sure how to begin with:
Let’s say that I’ve animated a short 24 fps, short Mouth talking Lipsync based on a specific Audio,
and exported it to .MOV file 1024x1024.

Can I import it as a texture (Cycles) so it will act as a FACE / Mouth on a cube?
Doesn’t have to be a cube, just for testing… could use for a more complicated character’s later on once I’ll get the idea.

I wonder if it’s possible with .MOV / .AVI or even Image Sequence (PNG)

If the above is possible, is there any easy to follow Video Tutorial you can share with a noob like me?

Have a wonderful day and thanks ahead for any help!

You can just use a movie/image sequence just like an image texture
Note that for a movie you would need to have a codec that supports an alpha channel if you want to use any transparency options so having an image sequence gives you more flexibility

Is there any easy to follow video tutorial?

Have a look here:


After trying messing around with it… I think I’m almost there.

The files imported are PNG Sequence (with Alpha) you can see a Face with Eyes and Mouth on the texture preview.
The texture applied to the Front Face of the cube after unwraped.

Can somebody please tell me what am I doing wrong and how can I make it work?

Here is a screenshot:

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to this…

TBH, I’m not using blender much anymore, but I know how to do this with BI renderer. Cycles renderer should be pretty much the same, but your working with nodes too. I’ve not ventured into doing this with cycles.

I created 2 images in gimp, each one was just a number, and saved them as 1.png, 2.png. See here:

I then went into blender and deleted the default cube, replacing it with a plane. Assigned a material to the plane, then uv mapped the plane, and assigned my image ‘1.png’ as a texture. When I render this, I get a flat plane with the number 1 on it.

Next, I make a few changes in the texture properties panel:

I change the image type from being an image to an image sequence, and set the frame to be 2, cause I only have 2 images.

Render frame one, and you see the results in the above posted screenshot. Advance to frame 2 and render, I get the same image but with a 2 instead of a 1 on the plane.

In cycles, I would think all the changes and settings I made in the texture properties panel, you would be doing in the node editor for the texture.

Hope this helps,