Image Sequence not loading (pink) though Single Image works

I’m afraid I might be doing or forgetting something basic, but my Blender 3.1 won’t load Image Sequences of .jpg or .png

The laptop I’m using has no major graphics boost, no CUDA etc, could that be it?

ex. image001.jpg shows fine as a World background, Camera background or Image as Plane.
Switching to Image Sequence in any circumstance switches the image to that ‘pink’ unloaded image placeholder. I’ve done this in both Eevee and Cycles with the same end result. I’m embarrassed to be stumped! What’s wrong do you suppose?

I have the same behavior in 3.1, 3.2, 3.0, 2.91, 2.80rc3 if image name doesn’t end with 1. Otherwise (eg. “checker1.jpg”, “image001.png”) everything is fine.

Opening an Image Sequence

To load image sequence in any of the supported image file formats, the filename of the images must contain a digit to indicate the frame order (e.g. *-0001.jpg, *-0002.jpg, *-0003.jpg, etc, of any image format), indicating the frame.

Hi. These pink color is caused by missing images.

What kind of missing images you might ask? Images that Blender search for when using a image used as a initial image sequence. File names are crucial and important step in running image sequences, because they act as “frame” locations.

For example, the initial image name you choose for your image sequence such as tex1 will be used as a frame basis. In the example below, tex or tex_ is used as a basis, with numbering that comes at the end of the file name used a frame location indicator.

File Naming

  • This


  • Or this


Frame to Image

  • Found image

  • Missing image because there is no image named for that frame found

:thinking: hmm it seems blender doesn’t detect the image sequence automatically and only is a single image? Tried as shader texture, camera background (both with detect sequence checked in cogwheel extra menu), images as planes (checked animated) … from 3.2 back to 2.8… swiching manually to image sequence and increasing the frame numbers works. But also the refresh button on camera background doesn’t work??? :thinking: i used image sequences before but i don’t remember if i used the automatic detection or did it manually…

This just gave birth to a HowTo YouTube video using ImageMagick to rename hundreds of images so that this would work! Thanks a bunch, I hadn’t ever known the sequence was needed!