Image sequence shader, a bit confused

Hi. I have a sequence I would like to start reproducing at frame 1470. The image sequence is 501 frames.

According to the node:

The animate should start at that frame 1470 or 1471, but the moment when it starts does not fit with the input.

Also, I want it to start at that certain frame and end when after 500 frames…I do not want it cycling infinitively. I tried with the “cyclic” checkbox…but I guess that is also to make it jump from frame to frame. When cyclic is off…then it stops being an image sequence.

Thank you

Set ofset to 0 and Startframe to 1470 and Frames to 500.

Start frame is the frame the animation starts playing… offset … I’m not sure about.

Hi, thank you for your response. Unfortunately, that does not work either. Can I share the scene with you ?

Edit: I found the problem. I needed to render my animation in the frame 1 in order to make the sequence. I was rendering in frame 1470 …now I did it in the scene frame 1 to 500 and it works. The only issue I found is that I want it to play only once in those frames.

Uncheck the Cyclic checkbox.